It’s odd what NVIDIA is trying to pull here with an Android handheld gaming device.  Speaking of gaming does anyone remember the OUYA ? The console that was supposed to revolutionize the Android gaming market and gaming in general was a novelty that’s quickly faded. Thanks to Android’s open ecosystem, you can have your gaming experience, if not the best kind of games to run with, right in the comfort of your own phone or tablet device, making the purpose of a dedicated android gaming device quite redundant. The Shield Portable is something of a calculated risk that NVIDIA’s tried to do. It combines the familiar gamepad controls with eight button, dual analog sticks and a multi touch, retinal screen. Running stock Android 4.4 Kitkat, as of last year, powered by the Nvidia Tegra 4 processor. It also serves as one of their core products in the Shield Lineup preceding the 8 inch Shield Tablet which in my opinion stands as a perfect android tablet to use.

Hvad er grundene til at få Shield Portable? En multimedie-berøringsenhed, par med spilkontroller og funktionaliteten til at streame pc-spil til skjoldet mens du er på farten. Det ser ud til at have meget at gøre for det, men stemmer det virkelig overens med den pris, du vil beskulde for det? Det koster omkring $ 199, temmelig klodset og streaming af spil er begrænset til, at du har en pc med et dejligt Nvidia-kompatibelt gtx-kort, der gør skjoldet bærbart til noget mere af et tilbehør til pc-spilentusiasten med en flair til mobilspil. Her er mere om Nvidias bisarre lille legetøj.





Hvis der er noget at gå hen, er Shield Portable tung. Lidt over 500 gram er det tungere end 3DS og Vita sammensat, men det giver dog Portable en solid holdbar opbygning. Det er også ganske behageligt, afhængigt af hvordan du ser på det. Det er din run off the mill xbox-controller skematisk, men med en indbygget flip-skærm, der giver dig en fornemmelse af Portable's størrelse og form. Flipsskærmen, når den er lukket, dækker hovedkontrollerne, forventer skulderpude-knappen


The Shield Portable comes prepared in form and function too. A micro-USB port for charging and data, 3.5mm headphone jacks and a mini-HDMI port and a mircoSD card slot, so you have a fair variety of connections to go with. The Portable when open with the screen shows a 5″ 720p touch screen under the hood, dual speakers and the familiar eight button gamepad layout with dual analog sticks and a directional pad to the left. The backlit NVIDIA logo serves as your power and home screen button shortcut.


Don’t let those silver speakers fool you, they are powerful and loud enough and the portable has the best audio for a gaming handheld although some would just double up and hook up the portable to an external bluetooth audio system to get more out of it but it does make a neat little boom kasse if you use the Shield for more than it was designed to do. Gamers will appreciate all of this with the rubber coated outer shell which is comfortable to use for a long gaming session but it’s not something I found comfortable to take with me on the go considering the weight and a carrying case doesn’t help and that’s the primary fallout of the Shield Portable. Make no mistake, this is a gaming device at the end of the day. The screen and controls are designed just for that and while you can control the interface with the gamepad controls, and even enabling an on screen cursor and keyboard, it will feel taxing to use it as a device for reading or browsing and with no camera included, it’s only natural you look towards the Shield Tablet.



Among most gaming handhelds, the Nvidia Shield has one of the best looking screens, with 720p resolution “retinal” 5-inch IPS touch screen. I managed to play a bit of Civilization Beyond:Earth on PC and it looked great. Android games that are native to the Portable also look gorgeous. The screen looks good however you look at it, I found this to be a benefit playing it outside and because of the build, there wasn’t any sense of fragility which makes it great not just for gaming, it works for viewing other sorts of multi media. You can even put the Shield Portable on your HDTV through the mini-hdmi port or Miracast which allows you to stream video at 1080p. Miracast does have some significant lag but it works well for streaming videos instead.



Shields batteri varede næsten hele dagen med 8 timers blandet brug, mens det blev tilsluttet wifi og ved hjælp af sociale medier og ved hjælp af gennemsnitlig lysstyrke, vil batteriet tømme hurtigere, hvis du også streamer fra din pc. At spille Tegra 4-optimerede spil dræner batteriet endnu hurtigere afhængigt af hvor længe du spiller. Batteriets opladningshastighed grænser også under gennemsnittet, hvilket tager godt tre til fire timer for en fuld opladning. Brug den som en medieenhed, den fungerer ganske dejligt, hvilket betyder, at du kan se din yndlingsepisode af venner fra komforten i din seng uden at skulle justere vinklen. Når det er sagt, kører Android temmelig glat. Optimerede apps lades hurtigere op, og jeg oplevede ingen præstationshud, når jeg skiftede fra spil til spil.

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Shield Hub has a lot of games on the library, I enjoyed playing some Sonic and a few classic arcade games. Interestingly games like Voxel Run also detect the Nvidia Gamepad schematic which you can map to your convenience through the Gamepad Mapper and you can share or download mapped profiles as files. Android’s open system means that you can get a larger scheme of games through emulation so if you want to enjoy a bit of Pokemon SNES you can do it, if you wish.


For what it’s worth, NVIDIA seems to try and bro the gap between console and PC to a certain point and it’s taken a pretty big gamble because of it. For some it can be a device that either does it all or doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do very well and here’s why I have a mixed opinion on the device. While it played out fine running android games from Shield HUB and getting some nifty android titles to run with, I was more interested for the PC streaming to work. Pc streaming is the one unique reason why you should get the Shield Portable which allows it to stream games from a PC within the same local network where the games are optimized to run in the GeForce Experience PC program. So non GTX users and those with older GPU’have pretty much lucked out. Gamestream works well with almost little noticeable latency if you’re on the same network, again depending on the kind of router you run. Some routers do have gamestream ready specifications. Remote streaming still needs to work out it’s kinks as it’s a beta functionality. Keeping in mind PC streaming means it mirrors the game to run on your PC. Hook it up via HDMI and the Shield’s Console mode lets you display 1080p video of your gamestream on a 5″ screen. Which raises the following question why would anyone who prefers playing on a PC with a keyboard/mouse or gamepad setup switch to a smaller screen.


I had several problems connecting the review unit to sync up with my MSI GTX 970 and it worked only after some tinkering with the router. When it did eventually work, it was a real joy to play Civilization: Beyond Earth on the go, taking it remotely is where I had problems since you need to have pretty amazing bredbånd to run it, there were parts were sound dropped but it still played and it did so beautifully. That being said, Game Streaming is still something that NVIDIA needs to work on if it wants to cater the device to more users, it’s not perfect just yet but it’s a step forward for the dream of playing high end PC games on a hand held.

Opsummerer det


Som en Android-enhed er NVIDIA Shield Portable et virkelig imponerende stykke tech. Hvis det er nogen indikation, ser det ud til at det fungerer som et produkt for NVIDIA, der overbeviser dem om at oprette Shield Tablet.

Jeg havde det sjovt at spille på en gamepad og tør jeg sige, at det føltes lidt mere behageligt end en Xbox-controller. Skærmen var helt i top, og lyden sprænger konkurrencen væk. Det er dog ganske den investering, du har brug for med hensyn til tid, og om du er parat til at udskifte det, i betragtning af at du kan få mere populære håndholdte enheder som PS Vita eller Nintendo 3DS XL til mindre og større spilbiblioteker. Imidlertid Gamepad-kortlæggeren og giver dig mulighed for at cuztomize kontroller til næsten ethvert Android-spil og den ekstra åbne for at dreje det i konsoltilstand betyder, at det stadig holder værd. På trods af dets mangler kan Shield blive meget mere for spilentusiaster. Da den meget mere kraftfulde og dyre Shield Tablet med sin Tegra K1 CPU er lanceret, kan prisfaldet for Shield muligvis være noget at se på.